Microchip your pet because you care!

The Eastern Madera County SPCA offers low-cost microchipping. We partner with Home Again and Hoof 'n Paw Veterinary Hospital to provide this service. For $25 your pet will have a tiny microchip implanted under the skin and will be entered into a permanent database. If your pet is lost, shelters, animal control officers, and veterinarians can scan for a chip and through the Home Again database, return your pet to you.

Dr. Beth Taylor at Hoof 'n Paw Veterinary Hospital has graciously made her staff available to microchip your pet during their regular office hours. Please call 559-683-3313 to make an appointment. Hoof 'n Paw does not charge you or the EMC SPCA for providing this service. If you choose to participate in Home Again programs beyond the initial $25, that it entirely up to you. However, rest asurred, your pet information will be permanently in the database for only $25.