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Success Stories


Pearl, a senior kitty went to live with a senior lady who is beginning to have some memory issues. The lady has a caregiver during the day, but is alone when the caregiver leaves. The caregiver was concerned about her lack of companionship. That's where Pearl came in! Our adoption counselor took Pearl to meet her new friend and it was love at first sight. About a week later EMCSPCA heard from the caregiver who was amused when she was told "My cat is trying to get your attention!"  The caregiver was happy to see that the woman was bonding with Pearl. A couple of days later, the caregiver called in the evening and said the woman was the happiest she had ever heard is amazing how the unconditional love of an animal can enrich a life! Good job, Pearl!
As told by Pat,  EMCSPCA Adoption Coordinator


I had the best experience working with the EMCSPCA. A friend had sent me a picture of this very sweet dog that was up for adoption. She looked so much like my dog Kodi that I had for 14 years. Pat, the EMCSPCA Adoption Coordinator, was so kind and helpful. When I did meet Phoebe, I instantly fell in love and knew she was the dog for me. Her former owner raised her with a lot of gentle kind love, so she really didn't come with any issues to overcome. 

I adopted Phoebe in September 2016 and she has been a huge part of my life. We go on walks together, and she is my constant companion. She is so smart and wants to learn new things and to please. Phoebe also learned to live with a cat who was queen of the house. They both get along beautifully and actually hang out together. I'm very thankful for EMCSPCA and the kindness and helpfulness of Pat and all who helped me with this very sweet friend of mine. 
As told by Sherri Buchanan, Phoebe's owner


 It has been 2 years since Chica entered my heart and our home.  I had just begun searching for a dog again after losing my 12 year old Golden Retriever Jesse the year before and I was anxious to find another dog through adoption. I first saw Chica at the EMCSPCA table in front of True Value in Oakhurst. Looking back I think she had eyes on me  before I noticed her. She just stood there staring so I immediately went over to her thinking how sweet she looked. I arranged to have her brought to our home to see how she would react to us. She did fine of course, so I then asked if we could keep her a few days and decide. We had her for a few days without any problems at all. Everything the previous owners told us about her was true, she barked once to tell us she needed to go out and also barked when we returned home to voice her displeasure of us having the nerve to leave her behind! At the end of the few days we had her, I returned her to EMCSPCA  as we were leaving on our trip. But, after just a few days away, and not being able to get her off my mind, I came to the realization that I just couldn't let her go because she had stolen my heart and she needed us. My husband looked at me and said, "You really want that dog, don't you?"  I answered "Yes." He said,"Well then, you'd better call them and tell them." We came back from our trip (I couldn't wait to pick her up), and she is, and always will be my little "Chica Chica Boom Boom"❤️. She's probably older than 12, has about 5 teeth, she snores, has a "hitch in her gitch," but she's mine, and she's happy, and she's loved. And she loves us! 
As told by Denise Delvin, Chica's owner

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