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Become a Foster

We rely on a dedicated group of foster volunteers to help us in our mission of saving animals’ lives. While we provide the training, supplies, veterinary care and support, our volunteers provide the open hearts and homes. Foster parents provide valuable information to our Adoption Coordinator regarding their fosters true personality, behavior and needs. This enables us to better match our adoptees with their perfect home. We have several different programs that will fit your lifestyle while giving you the opportunity to make a difference in the quality of life for our animals Together we save the lives of many animals by preparing them for adoption and opening space in the shelter. For additional information on becoming a foster pet-parent, call 559-404-0925.


Every spring and summer, the EMCSPA is flooded with hundreds of very young kittens. Because kittens must be at least two pounds before they can be spayed or neutered, we need foster volunteers to care for them until they grow to the desired weight. Additionally, foster homes provide valuable socialization during a critical stage of development. At times, we also need homes for underage puppies and nursing moms with litters.

EMCSPCA Adoption Ambassadors welcome adult animals into their homes and keep them until they are adopted. The foster parent must be committed to making
the animal visible in the community by going on walks, visiting the park and attending EMCSPCA adoption events.

As part of our lifesaving work, we transport animals across the country to rescues and other shelters. Transport fosters are needed for short term care of animals scheduled to travel.

Want to give a shelter dog a break from the stress of shelter life and an opportunity for new experiences? Want to get valuable information about the dogs personality, behavior and needs to help adopters make more informed decisions? We have program for you!
1. Overnights- Checkout a foster for the evening and return the next morning.
2. Outing- Checkout a foster for an outing or an afternoon. 
3. Vacation Relief- Provide relief for a foster family when they go on vacation or are unable to provide care for their foster for a short time.

Some of our animals require more socialization before becoming eligible for adoption and will benefit from spending time in a home environment. Some of our animals also need extra care during or after medical treatments.

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