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Every Life Is Important

They All Deserve Loving Homes

The EMCSPCA  tracks the status of all pets it intakes using the Basic Animal Data Matrix, a nationally recognized standard, provided by Shelter Animals Count. EMC SPCA is proud to say that in 2021 our intake was 247 animals (236 cats and 11 dogs) and our save rate was 100%!!

Save rate is an indication of the number of animals leaving a facility by means other than euthanasia or in-shelter death.  Another term that is used synonymously with save rate is live release rate.  Save rate/live release rates are important metrics to track, as a shelter achieving a 90%, or greater save rate, can identify itself as a no-kill shelter.  Many leaders are raising the bar and stating that the real no-kill save rate should be 95%.  Most important however, is saving every pet that is healthy and treatable.

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